Thursday, July 11, 2013

Shade Tree Wisdom 7/11/13

Shade Tree Wisdom 7/11/13

I mentioned Whittier’s Barefoot Boy the other day. It brought many thoughts to mind. It seems to me – and I may be totally wrong here – but those were more innocent times.  Times when people as a whole generally obeyed the law. They might have grumbled, and they could and did change some onerous laws, but it was done in the way it should, with debate and thought and care. Not, as one careless senator said, “Let’s pass it and then figure out what it means”.

One thought is, “From my heart I give thee joy
      I was once a barefoot boy”

        And it is from that thought I write now. For it does seem that we are moving farther and farther into the swamp of neglect of God’s will, indifference to the proper and legal way of doing things. And the result is confusion and chaos. For history shows that once we get on the wrong track, the way becomes cloudy and dark.

Right now the Texas governing body is debating an abortion law. Nobody seems to remember the law that came first, the one that says, “Thou shalt do no murder.” Instead there is the cry of rights and having a choice, when the wrong choice leads to this to begin with.

History also shows that once we leave the right path, it is very hard to get back to it.

We who are baptized, the children of God, led by His Spirit, let us be fervent in prayer and in speaking the saving Gospel that alone saves people from destruction. For Christ Jesus came ”that the world through Him might be saved.”

GPD 7/11/13

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