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Shade Tree Wisdom 7/19/13

Shade Tree Wisdom 7/19/13

It set me to wondering.

I mean the article in the paper the other day about the couple who “found” a deserted fawn in the woods near their home, brought it home, and are shown feeding it with a bottle. The article went on about how we moved into their area and now needed to look out for such lost creatures. The article also mentioned that this was costing money for food, for shelter, and for the extra time it took.

That set me to wondering. Deers do that, hide their fawns while they are off foraging for food. So the doe returns and finds the fawn gone. So life goes on .

Meanwhile, the fawn grows . It doesn’t learn how to survive in the woods. It gets over its fear of humans And when they release it into the woods when it is grown, that deer has no clue how to get along in the woods, because it was never near its mother to learn those skills it needs to survive.

As I said, such thoughts ran through my mind when I read the story about ‘rescuing’ the lost fawn. Maybe it wasn't at all. Many things we do have unexpected and unintended consequences, don’t they?

GPD 7/19/13

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